With all of the Juneteenth celebrations going on, don’t forget that Sunday is also Father’s Day.

June also is Men’s Health Month so, while honoring dad, take some time to remind him about staying healthy in mind, body and spirit. Unfortunately, after more than two years of interrupted lives and wondering what the next month would bring, the pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many of our communities.

That’s why RER Consulting LLC, in partnership with New Horizons Community Mental Health Center and Miami-Dade County, will host a COVID-19 Mental Health & Wellness Community Day from noon to 3 p.m. June 18, at JL (Joe) and Enid W. Demps Park, located at 11350 SW 216th St. in Miami. Visit Eventbrite.com and search for “COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellness Community Event” to register.

Shante’ Haymore-Kearney will hold a free yoga and mindfulness session at 1:30 p.m. at the event, and in the meantime offers the following suggestions for men to lean into their self-care.

Have a clear intention and get down to your why. Identify why it’s important to reach your health goals. It’s much easier to maintain a regimen when our motivation is strong enough and the risks are significant enough.

Create a health support team. Everyone needs support to succeed. This team can include anyone cheering for your success and the people who will help you achieve it, such as family members, co-workers, doctors and fitness instructors.

Use your benefits. Check out your health insurance for online health resources.

Schedule your activity and workout ahead of time. Take time to plan your activities and make sure all of your details are set up for you to win – including child care, food planning and setting up the right gear. Start with small goals; simple changes are fine. Tell yourself that you’re in it for the long haul; there’s no rush, be patient. Remember that exercising is a lifelong practice, start where you are on your fitness journey right now, and honor your body for what it can do and how far it has brought you.

Try new things. Workouts and exercise science has evolved and changed. Learning about current fitness trends can motivate, inspire and prevent you from plateauing or burning out.

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