Over Spring Break, the teens visited the Miami Police Department training bureau to see what it takes to become a police officer from physical training, public safety courses and more. Afterwards, they enjoyed a trip to Dave & Busters!

The Teen Talk Dialogue Sessions Program addresses the social and emotional well-being of teens and young adults aged 14-21. The Program is designed to give teens the skills and information needed to embark on a path to health and wellness and establish a positive lifestyle. The Program uses evidence-based modules, including Open Relationship Building sessions with authority figures, including law enforcement officers, Yoga/mindfulness, Nutrition, and Etiquette sessions.

Amplify Community Resources’ (ACR) network of trusted collaborative partners, local law enforcement departments, and Community-Based Organizations (CBO) work to support and guarantee the Program is effectively delivered with measured results. By committing to a culturally, socially, and linguistically sensitive approach, the Program ensures that its participants will be seen, heard, respected, and armed with the knowledge and skills to address the challenges faced by many teens and young adults in marginalized communities throughout South Florida.

The Teen Talk sessions are in full swing this year! If you’d like to have a program at your school, visit us at teentalksfl.org

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