National HBCU Health & Wellness Tour

Cultivating Mental Wellness for Black College Students

Welcome to the National HBCU Health & Wellness Tour, where we are dedicated to promoting mental wellness among Black college students. Join us as we explore the challenges faced by Black communities in accessing mental health resources and strive to create a culture of well-being on campuses nationwide.

Thought-Provoking Documentary Screening

Immerse yourself in a 30-minute segment from a powerful documentary that explores the origins of generational trauma and sheds light on the barriers to mental health resources within Black communities. Gain a deeper understanding of the issues that affect our community and inspire change.

Engaging Panel Discussion

Join mental health expert Ruban Roberts, the film’s producer, a student leader, and a behavioral mental health faculty as they come together for an engaging panel discussion. Delve into the complexities of mental well-being and gain unique insights from our expert speakers.

Student Leaders

Empowering Wellness Ambassadors

As part of the National HBCU Health & Wellness Tour, we are training and supporting dedicated student leaders to become Wellness Ambassadors on their campuses. These ambassadors are equipped with the knowledge and resources to amplify the importance of mental wellness and provide vital support to their peers. From mental health support to peer mentoring, our Wellness Ambassadors play a crucial role in cultivating a culture of well-being on college campuses.